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    Growing The Family Edit into Ireland's #1 Blog For Families

     At Blueclaw, we’re committed to providing digital marketing services tailored to your business’ goals and needs. We pair over 15 years of experience with best industry practices and data-driven insights, to create a strategy that really elevates and expands your online presence. From data-driven SEO and paid search to optimised content and best-in-class media relations, we provide a multi-team approach to building traffic to your site and maximising your brand’s digital visibility.

    The Problem

    When Mark and Gemma, the two founders of The Family Edit contacted us, they had a major problem. 

    The website was live, however, there was no traffic and the backend of the website still had major issues regarding the various type of subscriptions. 


    There are 1,279,951 families in the State on Census Night in 2022, an increase of 5% since 2016, and searches for family activity on Google and social media are increasing every year. 

    We knew there's a lot that can be done, however, we had to be strategic about everything. Gemma was still part-time on the blog and Mark had his own focus. The content was random on the website + on social media, and The Family Edit team have never really put any effort on search engine visibility. 

    We had a major task in our hands. 





    Keywords now visible on Google

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    Increase in overall traffic within 2 years

    the family edit

    How Did We Do It?

    It all came down to a SEO first strategy where team Maklu Initiative took care of the search engine optimization and overall visibility for The Family Edit where their own team focused on Instagram growth. 

    Our challenge from day 1 was to make sure we move fast. The website was already stalled and Google was ignoring the site for the most part. 

    We installed tracking and visibility monitoring on day 1 for 200+ keywords, the website was also registered with search console. We re-indexed the whole website within the first month to make Google bot re-crawl us. 

    Once that was sorted, we focused on making The Family Edit an easy website to buy subscription from. 

    For any two sided marketplace, the goal is to ensure one side never creates an issue for the other. For the Family Edit, our major focus was on the consumers (aka, the family audience of Ireland who would eventually find us on Google) - however, we had to make sure that the subscription purchase experience is smooth for businesses. 

    Considering The Family Edit had both monthly and yearly plans of different types, our web dev team created a few custom Stripe solutions to take care of the subscription model. 

    Once we had a solid website to rely on, we moved towards growth. 

    The Dilemma of a 2 Sided Directory

    Our team faced with a dilemma in the early days of starting this campaign. 

    The Family Edit makes money when a business buys a subscription from them, making it a b2b business. 

    However, a business will only purchase a subscription if they feel they will get greater visibility from a b2c audience, making it even more important for us to market towards a B2C Irish audience. 

    Which one should we focus on? 

    After a few strategy sessions, we have decided to focus on the B2C market with Search Engine Optimisation, where the B2B market will be handled by a cold outreach approach. 

    search engine visibility

    Every SEO campaign starts with a solid keyword research, where we try to identify the exact keywords people are searching on the market we want to rank in. We identified 200+ keywords to target. 

    We started our SEO campaign after that, and over last 12 months, the campaign resulted in 88,000+ clicks, 6.25m impressions to the website with a whooping 3000+ keywords now visible on Google. 

    Future Looks Bright

    Instagram and other traffic channels grew at the same time when we worked on search.

    The Family Edit is now considered one of the biggest names in the family entertainment space of Ireland, generating new businesses every month as well as getting thousands of family visitors coming to the website to learn more. 

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