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    Case Studies

    Solving Content Visibility for Archery Arena

     At Blueclaw, we’re committed to providing digital marketing services tailored to your business’ goals and needs. We pair over 15 years of experience with best industry practices and data-driven insights, to create a strategy that really elevates and expands your online presence. From data-driven SEO and paid search to optimised content and best-in-class media relations, we provide a multi-team approach to building traffic to your site and maximising your brand’s digital visibility.

    The Problem

    Archery Arena came to us with a unique problem. They had a lot of content on their website, however, 80% of the content never ranked or received any traffic from Google. 

    content cluster problem seo

    This was clearly an SEO problem and the task was handed over to the Maklu Initiative SEO team

    The task was complicated, yet simple. We had to find a way for Google to notice these amazing blog posts Archery Arena was writing. 



    Solved visibility in 90 days

    Technical SEO Project

    How Did We Do It

    This was taken on as a regular SEO project. We thought of this as a regular visibility problem where Google often ignore certain parts of a website assuming it doesn't go with the other parts of that same website. 

    We started with a detailed audit to look at the site's architecture. 

    Our team looked at everything from SILO to sitemap.xml file as well as the robots.txt to see if anything major is causing the issue. 

    We also looked at on page elements to make sure the pages are not being blocked by anything. 

    Once we had our detailed audit done, it was time for implementation. 

    Like a regular SEO project, we started with fixing the major issues first, which included things like 404s, 301s, unnecessary redirection loops, missing tags, meta etc. 

    This helped the site to have a better technical score, however, the visibility still remained low. 

    We then went on and did a complete on page SEO architectural shift on the website, creating different interlinking and on page structure - to make the site look more cohesive in Google's eyes. 

    We wanted to make sure the crawl depth is <3 for all pages and the bigger pages are passing proper link juice to the neglected pages. 

    This took a while but once done and indexed, this has done wonders. 


    Since us finishing the project right around Nov, 2022, the site started growing and the growth curve continues. 

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