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     At Blueclaw, we’re committed to providing digital marketing services tailored to your business’ goals and needs. We pair over 15 years of experience with best industry practices and data-driven insights, to create a strategy that really elevates and expands your online presence. From data-driven SEO and paid search to optimised content and best-in-class media relations, we provide a multi-team approach to building traffic to your site and maximising your brand’s digital visibility.

    The Problem

    When we first heard from 3d Paint Designs, a company that custom paints your plane and helicopter, we had the same thought as you would reading this. 

    Do people search for this? Isn't it a 100% b2b cold call play? 

    Will digital marketing help them? 

    Digital marketing works, even for a niche company that paints the interior of aircrafts. We proved that. 

    There were only two options to go for. Google Ads and Search Engine Optimization. 

    There were no ways Facebook ad, content production or any organic activity would get us the results we wanted. After much discussion, we decided to try with SEO first before paying for ads to Google. 



    Impressions in 12 months

    0 +

    Clicks to the website


    Keywords that became visible on Google for them

    3d paint designs

    How Did We Do It?

    Yes, there were very limited searches online when it comes to getting a paint job for an airplane. This is a highly regulated, word-of-mouth focused, B2B industry where people don't Google things and try out random services. 

    We knew it when we started and we still made it work. 

    We found on our research that keywords like "aircraft interior design" had some interest and searches online. 

    You couldn't find it on a 3rd party tool - as the data volume is lower than industry average. We had to match-rule with 3 different tools and then use our gut feel to figure out the keywords we can potentially target. 

    Once we had a list locked, we started with a batch of citation. 

    We wanted to make sure that the business is listed on all the major + minor aviation directories of the world. 

    Our team created a list of approx 100 that we could aim for and we managed to get the business listed on almost all of them. 

    This started the initial flow of traffic and the business started getting calls within 2 months. 

    After our initial citation campaign, we focused our effort on PR and regular backlinks, which helped us get more visibility with the existing pages of the website. 

    Our client specifically mentioned that they didn't want us to write anything on the website + they had no interest in starting a blog - so we had to find workarounds without creating content points. 


    Thanks to Maklu Initiative's SEO efforts, the website now receives organic clicks, the website traffic is on an upward trajectory and we do not have any plans to introduce paid campaigns on top as the business is attracting leads regularly. 

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